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Otorhinolaryngology is a medical specialty that aims to study head and neck conditions, including ear, nose, and throat.

ENT or an ear, nose, and throat are the collective terms for this specialty branch of medicine. Which typically involve functional conditions that affect feeding, drinking, communicating, breathing, coughing, and hearing senses and behaviors.

Diagnosis and treatment of patients with head, nasal, paranasal sinuses, pharynx, larynx, and neck symptoms are a specialist medical area of disease.


Such types of conditions may be carried out directly by ENT doctors:

Sinus: sinuses are inflammation, causing congestion and pain. Many factors can obstruct and contribute to this condition in your nasal passages. Chronic infections can cause hearing issues.

Snoring/sleep disorder: caused by nasal congestion and night nasal swelling. It may result in sleeping problems, falling asleep at unfitting hours, inadequate overall sleep or irregular sleep behavior.

Corrective breathing: Support patients to heal as quickly as possible from nasal airway procedures. Nasal function issues may also cause health issues, such as heart or lung disease, lung complications.

Tonsil (Tonsillitis): is most commonly caused by an outbreak of a specific virus, but bacterial infections often cause it. Some of the symptoms are sore throat, chewing difficulty, and painful neck lymph nodes.

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