Dr. Jorge Luis Gaviño Contreras
Dr. Jorge Luis Gaviño Contreras
Specialty: Ortophedics
Expertise: Orthopedic Conditions / Metabolic Conditions / Neurological Conditions / Immunological Conditions / Wellness & Anti Aging / Ophthalmic Conditions /
Length of Work: 



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Dr. Jorge Luis Gaviño serves as the president of ProgenCell’s Scientific Committee. He graduated from the University of Sinaloa and at the University of Baja California School of Medicine, having served an internship at Tijuana General Hospital and a residency at El Centenario Rural Health Center in La Paz, Baja California Sur.

Dr. Gaviño is board-certified by the National Council of General Practitioners and is a respected member of the Medical Association of Tijuana and of the Tijuana Association of General Practioners and Family Medicine. Doctor Gaviño is also a professor at Instituto México, where he teaches health sciences, biology, and anatomy.