Dra. Georgina Curiel
Dra. Georgina Curiel
Specialty: Dermatology
Expertise: Hair graft / Eyebrow graft Beard and mustache graft / Capillary biostimulation
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100% of the procedure is performed by Dr. Georgina Curiel, the only doctor in North America who is certified in the DHI technique by the London Hair Restoration Academy.

“Each patient is a totally different experience. I love being part of their transformation as they become a happier and more confident version of themselves.”

Dra. Georgina Curiel
DHI Master Surgeon

Born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, she is a General Physician that graduated from CEUX – Centro de Estudios Universitarios de Xochicalco Campus Ensenada Baja California, Mexico.

After several years of experience in the medical team of a renowned company in Tijuana as well as in an aesthetic clinic in Ensenada, she has found her passion and calling in hair restoration. Certified in the DHI technique by Hair Restoration Academy in London and trained directly by Master Surgeon Dr. Ajay Dubey, with whom she is still in constant contact. Today, Dr. Georgina Curiel is the only Doctor in North America with current certification in the DHI technique.