Coming from the San Diego Airport

Using the MST Bus 992 (Price: $6dlls):
*Ask for a day pass, which will cover both the bus and train.

You should walk to Lindbergh Field & Terminal 2 West and take the bus 992 towards downtown. When you get off the bus, you will see the Trolley Station (electric train) across the street. Make sure you get in the blue line towards San Ysidro. Here you will arrive to the PedEast border.

-When you get to the border you will have two pedestrian crossings at San Ysidro:

1. PedEast, traditional crossing closest to the MTS Blue Line trolley stop.
2. PedWest (also called pedestrian West at El Chaparral) is besides to Las Americas Outlet Mall.

Then, to cross through the PedWest, you only need to take another bus 906 towards Isis Transit Center and get off at Virgina Avenue Transit Center.

2. Taking a cab
The estimated cost is from $60-$70 dlls

3. Taking Uber
Comfort one goes up to $65 dlls. Meanwhile, an Uber black goes up to $100 dlls.

4. Our border shuttle service
Upon exiting through the PedEast or PedWest, simply follow the people and walk down the sidewalk to the street and go to the pick-up point. Our driver will be waiting for you. After 5 minutes you will arrive to NewCity Medical Plaza.