Periodontitis.  Condition with severe repercussions to general health.
Periodontitis. Condition with severe repercussions to general health.

Periodontitis is a disease where there is bone loss around the roots of teeth is due to several reasons, genetics and multifactorial (poor oral hygiene, not visiting dentist in long time, etc.). Today we know that not visiting a dentist for several years may be one of factors that contribute to severe periodontitis, refractory periodontitis, recurrent and juvenile periodontitis which more likely is part of diabetes 1 during adolescence. 

Basically, after there is bone loss, the biofilm colonization of these areas starts.  Biofilm bacteria were classified in 1998 by Dr. Socransky.  The quality and quantity of bacteria will affect the severity of the condition.   Candida albicans (fungus) aggravates periodontitis and is part of biofilm.

In general, people do not realize the destructive power these bacteria’s have to our bodies.  

The severity of these situation is directly proportional to bone loss around teeth. With more   bone loss, the possibilities increase to aggravate a chronic health condition.

The periodontal bacteria present in periodontitis, not only damage bone supporting structures, they travel in the blood system, causing other organs health problems, like in heart, lungs (now with COVID 19), brain, kidneys, liver, etc. 

Bacteria present in dental abscesses, are the same as in periodontitis. 

Researchers worldwide conclude that people that have lost between 15 to 25 teeth would present more heart attacks, more brain strokes, Alzheimer´s condition, cancer worse condition, and premature births. 

During Covid 19 pandemic, intubation of patients with periodontitis in ICUs, caused a more complicated lung condition not only affected by the Virus Sars Cov 2, but also by bacteria carried in the tube, to the lungs.   

If you have not visited your dentist lately, and nothing hurts, allow me suggest to visit him/her soon. A simple teeth cleaning would help you to have better general health. 

Do not loose your teeth for periodontal disease. 

This digital x rays shows the level of old bone in green, and the bone grafted bone in red.  The defect was located between the two roots. The biomaterials used were synthetic bone particles  and platelets rich in growth factors. 

Dental laser is new biotechnology that may be used as a coadjutant  in the treatment of periotitis.  Their effect is destroying bacteria and photo modulation with production of new bone. There is also the possibility to treat periodontitis with stem cells as a new modality of dental treatment.  Stem cell bio modulate these processes contributing to tissue engineering. 

Tooth ·6, with 14 mm Mesial anddistal bone defect         

Interaction between dentists and medical doctors make a positive sinergy of treatments at New city medical plaza, with state of the art treaments, for dental health and general health conditions.   

Author: Maite Moreno Delgado, DDS, MS
MS in Prosthodontics at University of Michigan, USA and Laser Therapy Master 7 at AALZ (Aachen Laser Zentrum, RWTH Aachen University, Germany.)