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(+52) 664 231 78 88

Internists in Tijuana

Dr. Emmanuel Medina Prado

Dr. Emmanuel Medina Prado

Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Dr. Juan Pablo Carrizalez

Internal Medicine and Rheumatology

Dr. Federico Bautista

Internal Medicine

Dr. Alberto Martínez

Internal Medicine
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Dr. Alejandro Peña Olguin

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine in Tijuana

When it comes to having comprehensive care, the internists at NewCity Medical Plaza are the ones who specialize in it! They are experts in making accurate diagnoses, which in turn help the patient to receive the appropriate treatment and with it an encouraging prognosis. Our internists are specialists in preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases in adults, without using surgical procedures. Find the best at and schedule an appointment, stay healthy!.

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